Equine America UK

Equine America UK is a traditional, family run business, founded in 1997 by Phil and Julie Middleton and now run by their son, Lee. It sells an extensive range of highly effective supplements and external applications for horses, dogs, cats and people.

Nico Morgan Media

Equestrian photographer Nico Morgan provides competition photos for Greta. Most of the images on this website were taken by Nico.


Sederholm produce the finest quality, close contact, saddles and equestrian accessories.

Le Mieux

Greta has used Le Mieux products for years so is delighted to now be working with them

Michael Bower Equine Law

Michael Bower (Director/Solicitor) and the team specialise in Equine Law and Horse Disputes. He deals with all of Greta’s contractual work.

Becca Hyland Vet Physio

Becca Hyland, a fully qualified veterinary physiotherapist, keeps Greta's horses in top condition. She is passionate about eventing, performance and rehabilitation.

Collies Pet Food Supplies

Collies Pet Food Supplies are loyal supporters, keeping Greta’s horses well fed with high-grade feed that they love.

Fairfax & Favor

A multi-award-winning brand at the forefront of British Luxury Fashion & Rural Vogue, designed with both town and country in mind.

Denchworth Equestrian

Denchworth Equestrian has a wealth of experience in supplying saddlery and riding equipment to riders of all ages and abilities - from serious competitors to weekend riders.