Owner: Sarah Winfrey
Stable name: Murphy
Sire: Ramiro B
Dam: Unknown
Foaled: 2007
Height/colour/sex: 16.1hh bay gelding
BE Points at end of 2023: 412

Top results 2023:
Aston-le-Walls A: 3rd (double clear)
Thoresby CCI4*S: 14th (double clear)

Top results 2022:
Les Etoiles de Pau CCI5*: 14th
Ballindenisk CCIO4*-NC-S: 4th
Cornbury CCI3*S: 3rd
Bramham U25 4*L: 2nd & National Champion (double clear)
Chatsworth Advanced: 4th
Cirencester AI: 1st (double clear)

Top results 2021:
Wellington OI: 3rd (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls Advanced: 2nd (double clear)
Weston Park OI: 4th (double clear)

Top results 2020:
Oasby OI: 6th (double clear)

Top results 2019:
Skipton ON: 2nd (double clear)
Belton OI: 6th (double clear)
Great Witchingham OI: 2nd (double clear)
Lincolnshire ON: 2nd (double clear)
Poplar ON: 4th

Top results 2018:
Aston-le-Walls OIu21: 6th

Top results 2017:
Great Witchingham Intermediate: 2nd (double clear)
Houghton CCI2*YR: 14th (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls OIu21: 4th (double clear)
Isleham ON: 6th (double clear)

Top results 2016:
Little Downham OIu21: 5th
Allerton Park Intermediate: 3rd
Catton Park Novice: 5th (double clear)
Little Downham Novice: 1st (double clear)
Aston-le-Walls Novice: 2nd
Solihull Novice: 3rd (double clear)
Norton Disney Novice: 3rd (double clear)